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Innovative Mobile UX
for the Future
The Problem

In the early stage of smartphones, LG Electronics was not competitive since it was a latecomer. In order to secure mid- to long-term competitiveness of LG smartphone, it was therefore necessary to develop innovative UX of smartphone targeted for the next two years.

The Approach

Forecast future trends of mobile phone through expert interviews.

Identify needs and pain-points based on users' initial experience with smartphones.

# UX design, # User research

The Process

1. Desk research / Literature review

  - Competitor benchmarking

  - Technology/Life style analysis

  - Expert Interview

    :Forecast smart phone trends

  - Focus group interview

    :Identify problems and unmet needs from 3 different groups

    (no device, android-experienced, other smartphone-experienced)

2. Extract UX themes and build UX directions

3. Conceptual design

4. UX Scenarios

5. Prototyping

  - UI wireframe

  - GUI design

  - Flash emulation

6. Validate UX for implementation

The Results