The Problem

The rapid adoption of Smart TVs presents challenges to older viewers unfamiliar with the new technology. Often, these viewers find it difficult (and frustrating) to use these technological advances. To allow seniors to enjoy the many benefits of Smart TV, a system that recognizes and addresses this challenges should be developed.

Smart TV for Seniors
The Approach

Consider the characteristics of the senior generation, specifically decrease in physical and cognitive abilities.

Maintain and utilize familiar UX elements of the senior generation when watching TV.

Improve the interface that made it difficult to attempt to use the smart TV features for seniors.

Provide content and functions that give meaning to the use of smart TV for the senior generation.

Verify new UX concepts by conducting usability testing with prototype.

# Strategy, # User research, # UX design

The Process


  1) User research: Understanding seniors

    - Expert Interview (6 people)

    - Home visit + In-depth interview (6 seniors)


2. Define

  - Define problematic areas

  - Build UX directions to provide better values

3. Ideate

  - Develop concepts and user scenarios

  - Wireframe UI

4. Prototype and Test

  - Usability testing: Validate concepts and scenarios

  - Task-based testing (30 seniors)

  - In-depth Interview (30 seniors)

5. Refine

  - Develop final concepts and user scenarios

  - Create IA and UX flows


6. Implement and release

The Results

TV that reflects the characteristics of seniors

Intuitive remote controller

UX concept has been applied and the product has been launched as EasyTV.

TV for communication

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