The Problem

A variety of apps have been produced and distributed by LG Electronics, in order to provide mobile services within LG Electronics. However, there are no precise guidelines for consistency and usability of the apps, resulting in problems and requiring company-wide regulations and guidelines.

UX Guides for Mobile Apps
The Approach

Analyze the status and the UX of preloaded apps and downloadable apps from LG Electronics.

Select core items of mobile app guides based on Google’s material design guidelines and internal general guidelines of Mobile Communication division in LG Electronics.

Modify and Refine mobile app guidelines based on the feedback.

# Corporate UX guidelines

The Process

1.UX Research

  - Analyze current preloaded apps and downloadable apps from LG Electronics.

  - Analyze Google 's guidelines guideline of material design.

  - Analyze general guidelines of mobile by Mobile Communication division in LG Electronics.


2. Define problems


3. Develop guidelines for apps (Android & iOS)


4. Review and Evaluate guidelines


5. Develop checklists for UX designers and GUI designers


6. Publish and Distribute guidelines 

The Results

1. Guidelines were created and distributed to prevent misuse and improper use of each     component when developing mobile apps.

2. A checklist was also released to assess compliance with guidelines after mobile app



3. Launching of mobile apps now requires an evaluation using the checklist. If criteria is
    not met, the app cannot launch.



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