The Problem

General Motors (GM) has requested LG to create a strategy to improve the user experience (UX) of Cadillac vehicles. The UX will focus on maintaining the luxury brand image of Cadillac, while maximizing all the capabilities of LG’s various fields.

UX for the Smart Car
The Approach

Define UX that can be directly and indirectly related to the context of a smart car.

Based on this, establish strategic directions of two areas.

Explore and apply related projects in LG and generate new UX concepts and scenarios.

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The Process

1. Define requirements from GM (General Motors)

2. Establish UX strategy

  - Define In-Vehicle Experience

  - Define Extended Experience





3. Discover UX opportunities

  - Pragmatic: Seamless continuity, Contextual awareness

  - Emotive: Absolute prestige, Beyond Expectation


4. Explore related projects in LG and applying to a smart car





5. Develop new UX concepts and scenarios

The Results

After developing UX concepts and scenarios, the video has been created for visualization.

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