Smart TV ODR
(On Device Review)
The Problem

Before the actual implementation of a new smart TV, it is critical to figure out whether there are any issues in overall UX flow and usability. Detailed UX evaluation is usually conducted with UX scenario v0.9. This evaluation step is referred as ODR (On Device Review) in LG Electronics.

The Approach

Identify UX improvements over the last version of our Smart TV and define UX problems compared to competitors.

Define the context of TV usage and draw out the UX problems.

# UX Evaluation

The Process

1. Analysis of IA (Information Architecture) and Entry points









2. Analysis of Interactions

  1) Shortcut keys (hot keys) and accessibility provided by remote controllers

  2) Analysis of layout and eye gaze tracking at representative key contexts




3. Analysis of Visual Factors

The Results

70 UX issues have been identified from 22 features. 7 UX issues have been immediately addressed prior to the implementation of the new smart TV.

*Due to the NDA restrictions, the final results of this project are confidential and cannot be posted on this website. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project.

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