The Problem

Users had difficulty in building a wired and wireless network environment at home and connecting devices to the network. Therefore, we needed a way to easily connect devices after a network environment is established.

How to connect your devices

The Approach

Observe the network connection process of new users to analyze the steps that made users feel frustrated.

Extract users' pain points, improvement points and expectations through online community analysis.

Based on the above, derive insights and UX directions.

# UX design

The Process

1. User Research

  - Observation: new users (5 people)

   : Task analysis: Understand problems faced by new users

  - Analysis of Online Community

   : Gather questions, answers, and responses in regard to network setup and connected devices

2. Define user problems

3. Derive insights from research

4. Design implications and recommendations

5. Ideate concepts

  - Define interactions, development, and impact for each individual concept

The Results

4 concepts are delivered.

detail information

* Due to the NDA restrictions, the final results of this project are confidential and cannot be posted on this website. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project.

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