The Problem

With the appearance of smartphones, other devices were increasingly becoming smarter and simply connected only taking into the account the evolution of technology without considering actual users - only technology. Thus, it was necessary to redefine connectivity that ultimately benefits users, rather than connecting smart devices that are technically feasible. From this point of view, the UX concept and direction applicable to products of LG Electronics are needed.

UX for Connectivity
The Approach

Redefine connectivity based on the value of user experience.

Analyze what a user is doing in the connected environment.

Extract pain-points and user tasks in contexts.


Combine the above points to derive insights and create concepts.

# UX design

The Process

1. Desk research / Literature review

  - Technology analysis

  - Lifestyle trend analysis

2. UX research

  - Consumer view approach: To prioritize jobs

   : Jobs to be done

  - UX view approach: To find problematic UX factors

   : Analysis of pain points by simulation

3. Design implications and recommendations

  - Guidelines for connectivity

4. Generate ideas

5. Prioritize ideas by importance and frequency

6. Conceptualize 

  - UX concepts and scenarios

The Results

8 directions and 21 concepts delivered in regard to importance,

frequency, and potential connectivity needs.


* Due to the NDA restrictions, the final results of this project are confidential and cannot be posted on this website. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project.

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