Creating Notification Rules

# Corporate UX guidelines, # User research

The Problem

Users find notifications to be annoying due to the overwhelming number of them showing up on their devices. Thus, the essence of notifying them to deliver important things is lost. In this problem, UX direction for notifications is needed to reduce the burden on users who want to select and manage which notifications they want to receive.

The Approach

Review the history of notifications and define the nature and role of a notification.

Conduct user research to: identify the status of notifications, identify key usage patterns, and analyze conceptual models and expectations of notifications.

The Process

1. Desk research / Literature review

  - Understanding the history of notifications

  - Analysis of use cases and UX issues of notifications from the products of LGE

  - UX review of LGE and competitors' notification system

  - Benchmarking of UX principles from OS (Android & iOS)

2. User Research

 - Online survey (200 people in the US and 200 people in KR)

   : Identify the status of receiving notifications

 - User diary study (20 people in the US and 20 people in KR)

   : Identify key usage patterns from 5 different groups

 - In-depth Interview (10 people in the US and 10 people in KR)

   : Analyze conceptual models and expectations of notifications

 - Home visit (5 homes in the US and 4 homes in KR)

   : Investigate usage patterns and requirements/expectations in IoT (Internet of Things) environment

3. Analysis of Visual Factors

  - Notification UX Principles based on user contexts

  - Notification UX Guides based on devices and characteristics of information to be delivered

4. Documentation

  - 1st documentation

  - Review and Follow-up

  - Distribution

The Results

Design implications and recommendations (example)

Notification UX Guide: Table of Contents (example)

Notification UX Guide: Contents (example)

* Due to the NDA restrictions, the final results of this project are confidential and cannot be posted on this website. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project.

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