The Problem

As the mobile environment becomes smarter, the traditional TV concept as a broadcasting viewing tool has expanded to include all kinds of media. Accordingly, it is necessary to define the role of the screen at home in accordance with the fast-changing technology.

Future Screen @ Home

# UX design, # User research

The Approach

Forecast and envision future TV through secondary research.

By conducting online surveys, verify the direction of future TV,

and derive the strategy of future TV based on it.

The Process

1. Desk research / Literature review

  1) External environment analysis

    - Identify key technology trends

    - Identify alternate and competitive products to TVs

      :Mobiles, Monitors, VR (Virtual Reality) devices, etc

    - Identify strategies of key players related in consuming content

  2) User behavior analysis

    - Track changes in usage behavior as technology and media change

2. Establish hypothesis

  - Change in TV watching/screen time patterns as users age

  - Continuous needs for a big screen at a home

  - Different types of required hardware depending on the type of residence


3. Verify hypothesis through online survey (400 participants form KR and the US)

  - Analysis of primary media choice for watching TV and content consumption pattern 

  - Change in media consumption based on different age groups

  - TV advantages recognized by users compared to other devices for consuming content

  - Analysis of  the patterns of TV purchase during a life cycle

4. Discover UX opportunities

  - Seek opportunities when to purchase a TV during a typical life cycle

  - Analyze media viewing patterns based on different age groups

  - Create personas

  - Analyze CX (Customer Experience) journey



5. Design implications and recommendations + Conceptualization

  - Big Screen TV extended beyond  traditional TV

  - A new type of screen suitable for residential moves and single-person households

The Results

Bezel projection concepts for Big Screen based on user needs

* Due to the NDA restrictions, the final results of this project are confidential and cannot be posted on this website. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this project.

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